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Jocelyn Poirier, Mental Performance Consultant


Jocelyn Poirier is the founder of Balanced Performance and a Mental Performance Consultant certified through the Canadian Sport Psychology Association. She completed a dual degree in Psychology and Physical and Health Education at Queen's University where she competed in both rugby and track. She went on to study performance psychology at the University of Ottawa and began working as a Mental Performance Consultant (MPC) upon completion of her masters degree. She has since worked with varsity teams and athletes competing in the OUA, RSEQ, and OCAA; and attended the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto and the 2016 ISSF Rio World Cup Stage as an MPC with the Shooting Federation of Canada. She continues to work with a variety of individuals and organizations from diverse backgrounds.


I strive to empower others to reach their goals through a positive, collaborative, holisitic, and intentional counselling style. I believe in the importance of context and of working proactively to increase awareness and understanding, and create sustainable solutions. I value life balance, meaningful relationships, equality, learning, and perspective.


I have worked with individuals and groups from a variety of performance backgrounds and experience levels, and ranging from 6 to 60 years old. I work with you to develop mental skills and strategies to help you consistently perform at and feel your best, whether that is in the classroom, the boardroom, your sport venue, or just at home. I help individuals and groups to develop positive living skills, learn to control their performance through the use of mental skills, and reach their potential for mental and physical health and well-being. 


My goal is to create a respectful and non-judgemental space in which honesty, authenticity, creativity, and discovery can flourish. Through this space I aspire to develop a positive, inclusive, confident, and growth-minded community.


I believe everyone has the capacity for growth and that high performance and well-being can co-exist. I believe that optimistic yet realistic perspectives allow individuals to define and strive for success in a healthy way. I believe in the power of strong communities and strong leaders.