Mental Performance

Focus your energy to get the most out of everything you do
Have the confidence to live the life you want
Find motivation from within
Lead yourself so that you can lead others

Mental skills learned through MPC are highly transferable and adaptive life skills that apply to people of all ages across all performance venues and life events. Here are some examples of how MPC can work for you.

Sport and Exercise

Whether you are 5 or 65, training for the Olympics or your first 5km, MPC will help you master the mental skills you need to succeed while balancing mental and physical health and performance.


In the high pressure of today's school system learning important study skills will help you to improve your confidence, achieve your potential, and maintain your mental health.

Business and Leadership

MPC will help you and your team perform at your best, balancing teamwork, individual focus, and overall well-being. Learn how you can use mental skills to improve your leadership and pass on those skills to benefit your team.

Mental Performance Consulting draws from the fields of sport and performance psychology, physical and health education, physical activity and health behaviour counselling, education psychology, organizational behaviour, leadership, and more. MPC consists of individual or group counselling, coaching, or consulting, and is always individually tailored to meet your needs.